Golden Dawn , 4th December, 2003

Political Action Against the Skopjan Propaganda

On Sunday, November 30, 2003, members of T.O. Thessaloniki, as well as representatives of groups in Western Macedonia went to the town of Edessa to distribute printed material in regards to the issue of Macedonia.

There was a good number of people who approached us, men, women, young people and they showed support for our efforts. These people identified with us and found us agreeable. What they said was express one voice, one true voice for Macedonia.

Among them we also met a few who did not show any interest. "Which Macedonia? I have a job to do here, I have lived here 50 years and am not going to waste my time with Macedonia" was the answer of one gentleman.

The fact is he was the only one who reacted this way and we should have silenced him. But it's not possible that a man who lives and tolerates daily the political treachery and propaganda of the filoskopjans could react this way. Truly, this kind of position is a problem. A position of ignorance, a position of I can't be bothered. This gentleman even though he is of Greek descent was telling us crystal clear that he is an urban sheep. Problems, fortunately, or unfortunately, we all have them but that does not mean we should ignore direct provocations.

We must reply against them collectively with one strong voice and each one individually. The skopjan agents, once again, they would have held their congress without any problem last Sunday. But when the owner of the hall, which was to welcome their meeting, understood what these people profess he locked the door on them.

Here the mayor of Edessa accepted democratically to allow the filoskopjans of "Rainbow" and their invited guests to use the convention hall next Sunday.

Facing this provocation will we lower our heads and look after jobs? Will we will keep quiet against this conspiracy?

We will oppose it, all of those who are Greek must demonstrate Sunday, 7th Dec. at 11:00 AM. They must be in Edessa to put an end to the propaganda of "Rainbow".

All together with one voice yell loudly
" Macedonia is one and it is Greek"

Translator's Note:

Golden Dawn is a Greek neo-Nazi group and this article urges that a demonstration be held to block members of Greece's Macedonian minority party (Rainbow) from holding a private meeting in a banquet hall in the town of Edessa. Apparently, to them, this would be an intolerable provocation.

The terms "skopjan", and "filoskopjan" are Greek vulgarisms used to refer to members of Greece's indigenous Macedonian minority.