Golden Dawn - 13th November 2003

Anti-Greek Provocation in Edessa

A new provocation against Greeks in our own Macedonia. As you well know from the previous issue, Elevtheros Kosmos (Free World) Nov. 9, 2003, has uncovered that at the end of this month a congress is to take place by the Rainbow party in Edessa. At this convention will be participating "Turkish" representatives as well as MPs from Skopje! Below we bring a special article from Elevtheros Kosmos:

On November 30, 2003, there will be a congress of filoskopjans in Edessa. One by one events are published which create a web that threatens to destroy everything national in our country. Things that only a few years ago would have not have made any sense have, in the last few months, become an everyday reality. Last summer we had a visit by the "political refugees" who were asking for more rights for the "Macedonians." A little later Arios Pagos (the Greek Supreme Court) is getting ready to reach a decision that might recognize the Muslim minority of Thrace as Turkish.

Last October foreign illegal immigrants (a young Albanian schoolboy) were called to carry the Greek flag in a parade. At the same time the Patriarch wants to have the prefect of Istanbul supervise many regions of Northern Greece and the mass media are making more and more statements that Greece should become a more multicultural state.

And here we are today where we learn that on the 30th of November a Congress will take place around Edessa by the group "Rainbow." This is an organization, which openly propagandizes the positions of Skopje in regards to Greek Macedonia. A congress whose main organizer is somebody named Kyros Spondis from Ptolemaida (Kajlari). A convention where members of Skopje's legislature will attend and representatives of the "Turkish" minority, the Helsinki Watch and also unless something unexpected takes place the team of journalists from "IOS"

In a methodical way by every means we have not only the de-hellenization of our fatherland but its dismemberment as a state unit. The question is what are the Greek Patriots going to do about all of this? The Answer should be one. They will not stand with their hands crossed.

Dimitris Zafiropoulos

Translator's Note:

Golden Dawn is a Greek neo-Nazi group and this article is in reference to a private congress of Greece's Macedonian minority party -- called Rainbow.

The term "Skopje" is a Greek vulgarism for Greece's northern neighbour, the Republic of Macedonia.

The terms "skopjan", and "filoskopjan" are Greek vulgarisms used to refer to members of Greece's indigenous Macedonian minority.

The reader should be aware that Greece claims to possess no ethnic minorities and the existence of Macedonian and Turkish minorities is denied by authorities. The Greek Supreme Court is pondering whether Greece's (allegedly non-existent) Turkish minority should be allowed to use the word "Turkish" when it self-describes. At present, members of this group may only refer to themselves as Greeks of "Muslim" extraction.