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Weekly Newspaper, Year “A” Serial No. 28. Sunday, November 30, 2003

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A Congress of Filoskopjans in Edessa is Proposed

Three weeks ago “Free World” uncovered the complete program of the first congress of the filoskopjans of the “Rainbow” party in which is stated the non-Greekness of Macedonia.

This information, unfortunately, did not disturb any of the authorities in the region. No political organization or local authority or police chief took any action to block this provocation.

But, fortunately, there were residents in the area who became alarmed by our publication and took action and denounced them and finally not one owner of any hall in the town of Edessa would welcome the congress of the filoskopjans.

The result was to postpone the congress and we received the following fax:

Dear ladies and gentleman:
We would like to inform you that the date of the first “Rainbow” congress has changed due to technical problems. The conference will take place on Sunday, December 7, 2003 in the “Megas Alexandros” convention centre in Edessa. The program remains the same. (signed) The political secretariat of Rainbow.

It seems crystal clear that the sly plans of some in our Macedonia are coming from high places. And when they found themselves in a difficult place and were unable to hold their congress in a private room they used a public hall. Well since they pursue this course they will get the intimidation they asked for and next Sunday we will find Greek patriots who will stop them.

Translator's Note:

The purpose of this article was to agitate for support from far-right groups and demonstrate against allowing a private meeting of Greece's Macedonian minority party.

The term "filoskopjan" is a Greek vulgarism used to refer to members of Greece's indigenous Macedonian minority.